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The Phonics Company aims to teach children how to read, write and speak English, using the systematic, multi-sensory, International and fun method of Jolly phonics.

There are five stages that children follow to learn their phonics

1. Learning the letter sounds

Children are taught the 42 main letter sounds. This includes alphabet sounds as well as digraphs such as sh, th, ai and ue.

2. Learning letter formation

Using different multi-sensory methods, children learn how to form and write the letters using the Tripod grip.

3. Blending

Children are taught how to blend the sounds together to read and write new words

4. Identifying the sounds in words (Segmenting)

Listening for the sounds in words gives children the best start for improving spelling

5. Tricky words

Tricky words have irregular spellings and children learn these separately.
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